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On Your Mark. Get Set. PEDAL (Safely)… Tour De Oyster Babies 2019

On your mark... Get set... PEDAL (safely)!

Tour de Oyster Babies


With our annual bike race this summer, we would like to review helmet safety:

New York State law requires all children under 13-years-old to wear helmets while riding a bicycle.

Helmets sold in the U.S. must meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standard and state that on a sticker inside. Fit is not tested by any of the standards, so try the helmet on your child's head.

Toddler heads vary in shape, so pay careful attention to fit. The helmet should sit level on the child's head and fit securely with the straps fastened. Look for a helmet with a pinch-proof buckle, a smooth, brightly-colored shell, and plenty of ventilation holes for riding in hot weather since the foam inside holds in heat.

A child of any age needs head protection when riding, but an infant’s or young toddler's neck may not support the weight of a helmet. For this and other reasons, nobody in the injury prevention community recommends riding with a child under one-year-old. If in doubt, take the child and helmet to a pediatrician for advice.

Let’s keep our kids safe!

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